What Can Happen If You Avoid Brake Repair

23 April 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Your brakes are one of the most important elements of your car. They help you safely neutralize all that speed and momentum each time you need to stop your car. So brake problems can be a very serious issue. But many car owners are of the mindset that if they can still squeeze some function out of their brakes, they don't need to get brake repairs. This mindset can be extremely hazardous, as you can imagine. Here are some of the issues that could arise if you avoid repairing and maintaining your brakes.

1. You could get stranded with nonworking brakes

One possible scenario is that your brakes may stop working and leave you stranded. Even if you're willing to get on the road with brakes that need repair but are still functional, there's no way to safely drive with brakes that have totally given out. So you could end up waiting for a tow truck, which could completely derail your day.

2. Your brakes could quit while you're driving

Getting stranded with broken brakes is actually the less extreme option. Another possibility is that your brakes could suddenly cease to operate while you're driving down the road. Since you can't stop safely with no brake function, this option could cause a deadly collision.

Even if they don't quit all at once, brakes that have almost no function could still cause a collision. This can happen if you get into a tight spot while driving, or if you're driving in otherwise hazardous conditions.

3. You may hear a nasty squealing sound

Modern-day brake pads typically have a built-in alarm (called a wear indicator) that lets you know when they're at the end of their life. If your brake pads wear all the way down to where they're no longer reliable, they'll start to make a squealing or shrieking sound that's very unpleasant.

While this sound itself isn't hazardous, it indicates that your brakes are no longer safe. The sound signals that it's time to replace your brake pads. 

4. Brakes can affect other parts of the car

If your brakes have problems and you don't repair them, it's not just your life that you're putting on the line. The rest of the car can also become damaged, even if you avoid any collisions. For example, the car's transmission can suffer from excess wear if you drive with sticking brake calipers.

These are just some of the hazards you can face when you avoid coming into the shop for brake repairs. While brakes can often be out of sight, out of mind, you can easily schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure your brakes don't go too long with unnoticed wear or damage.