3 Tips To Minimize Hail Damage To Your Vehicle

11 July 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Despite its durable appearance, a vehicle is not impervious to the effects of Mother Nature. Hailstorms are among the most devastating weather events a car can endure. Larger hailstones have the potential to dent the body panels of your car, diminishing its appearance.

There are some simple things that you can do to help minimize hail damage and keep your vehicle's exterior in good condition.

Use Covered Parking

Drivers should always check the weather forecast to determine what their vehicles will be facing when left outdoors. If the forecast calls for hail, you might want to consider parking in a garage or beneath a carport to shield the car's exterior from direct impact.

You will easily recoup the cost of constructing a covered parking structure on your property if you live in an area that sees frequent hailstorms.

Apply a Cover

If there is no way to utilize a covered parking spot when hail is in the forecast, you should protect your vehicle with a quality cover. The best covers are made from waterproof and weather-resistant materials so that they will maintain their shape when exposed to high winds and excessive moisture.

Covers that are designed specifically with hail protection in mind will feature a cushioned interior layer. The cushion helps to absorb the impact of any large hailstones produced by a storm. This reduces the likelihood that your vehicle's body will sustain hail damage while the cover is in place.

As an added bonus, you can also use car covers to protect your vehicle against UV exposure and stray balls that could dent the vehicle's exterior.

Secure Comprehensive Coverage

The type of insurance policy you take out on your vehicle can have a direct impact on the availability of repairs once a severe storm has passed. It's important to take a damaged car to a reputable body shop for professional repairs.

Eliminating any dents left behind by hailstones allows collision repair specialists to prevent rust from negatively affecting your car. Comprehensive insurance coverage will help offset the cost of weather-related repairs. The bulk of the repair cost will be covered by the insurance company, with you being responsible for only a deductible in most cases.

Hail can take a serious toll on the condition of your car's exterior. Be proactive in preventing hail from compromising the aesthetic and structural integrity of your vehicle by using covered parking, investing in a quality car cover, and securing a comprehensive insurance policy to pay for repairs. Should you need weather related damages repaired, visit a service like Exoticar Paintworks Inc to learn more.