3 Situations In Which You Should Replace Instead Of Repair Your Windshield

15 August 2018
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Did you recently discover a chip or crack in your windshield? They can easily happen -- all it takes is a small rock or other debris thrown from the tire of a passing truck or car to cause damage to your windshield. In many cases, you may not notice what happens in the moment and only find the damage after the fact.

Fortunately, most types of small windshield damage can be repaired quickly and affordably. There are many windshield repair services that will come to your home, office, or other location and repair your windshield in a matter of minutes. The process usually involves the injection of resin into the damaged area. There are some instances, however, where repair may not be the right strategy. It may be more effective or safer to replace the entire windshield. Below are three such scenarios:

The damage is large or there are multiple areas of damage.

Windshield repair is a simple process, but it isn't always effective. Resin can usually only work in a very small area. If the damage is smaller than a dollar bill, it can likely be fixed with repair. However, if a bill can't completely cover the crack or chip, you may want to consider replacement. Additionally, if you have multiple cracks or chips, replacement may be the best answer. The windshield is an important safety element in your car. Even if you repair multiple small chips or cracks, the structural integrity of the windshield could be weakened and it is more likely to suffer damage in the future.

The damage is near the edge of the windshield.

Small damage can have a much greater impact if it's near the edge of the windshield -- that's because your windshield actually plays an important role in the vehicle's overall structural integrity. A strong seal holds the windshield in place; a crack near the edge could damage that seal, weakening the bond with the rest of the vehicle. Even if the crack is filled with resin, it may never be as strong as it once was. You may even see water enter the vehicle through the edge of the windshield, which is a sign that the windshield should be replaced and resealed.

The windshield never seems to get clean.

Does your windshield always seem dirty, no matter how often you clean it? The truth is that over time your windshield absorbs a substantial amount of dirt, sand, and other materials. If it suffers damage, that could be the perfect opportunity to replace the windshield and start fresh. Many people report that a new windshield is equivalent to putting on glasses for the first time and their vision is much clearer than they imagined. This could be the perfect time to improve your car and your line of sight with a fresh windshield.

Ready to replace your windshield? Most companies can do the job at your home or office while you're busy with other tasks. Call a windshield replacement service in your area and make your appointment today.